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Certified Yoga Instructor RYT-200

Hello! Thank you for taking time out of your day to learn more about Your Story Yoga. Growing up in Montana, I did not live in a house that practiced yoga, and thought of it as weird and strange activity. After going through some traumatic experiences, I was referred to a yoga instructor by a doctor. Skeptical and desperate for help I went to my first yoga class; finally I started to feel relief. From that moment on my life was transformed for the better. Yoga helped me overcome anxiety, stress, PTSD and chronic pain and become my best self. My hope and dream is to empower you to overcome the obstacles in your life, and help you achieve your most authentic self. 


Your Story Yoga is a unique and practical yoga studio designed to help you cope with the demands of modern life. Most yoga studios cater to people who already practice yoga. Your Story Yoga caters to those who have never tried yoga, who are skeptical about it, and who are just looking for some relief from the everyday stresses of modern life. YOU are welcome here, I invite you to join me and use yoga to help you write the best life story you can!


Why Your Story Yoga?

It can help with

Stressed Woman

Yoga has been proven to reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. Click here to view classes for anxiety and depression.

Aging comes with many health concerns. Thankfully, yoga has been proven to lessen the effects of aging and memory loss. Click here to view classes that benefit aging and memory.

Stress can cause many mental and physical health problems. Luckily, yoga is here to help! Click here to view classes specifically for stress management.

Maintaining a healthy body and mind are very difficult tasks. Click here to view classes that will help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

Pain can be burdensome and impacts many people in our society. Click here to view classes that help with chronic pain.

Insomnia is a terrible battle with your own body and mind. Yoga can relieve insomnia symptoms. Click here to view classes that help with insomnia.





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Monday, Friday and Saturday at 12pm

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